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Transforming the fixed poverty mindset to a growth abundant how can I approach!

Using Equity To Pay Off Debt Changes Your Life!

#athlete #athletics #bride #bully #emotional #equity #inspiring #marine #recruit Dec 11, 2023

🎙️ This episode is one that you will want to listen to multiple times!  Get your paper and pin ready because you will want to take notes!

🎙️ As a young boy, Dimyas wanted to play in the NFL because that’s the only way that he was exposed to as the means to financially position himself to buy a house for his Mom!  Spoiler alert… be sure to listen to this entire episode to hear how he was still able to make this dream come true without football or wrestling.  

🎙️ Dimyas peels back the onion of how he was derailed from sports when he began to hang with the wrong crowd.  His love for fighting would make being a gang member feel like where he belonged.  It would take getting expelled from high school to cause him to decide that he wanted something more from life.  

🎙️ Dimyas shares his insight on the mindset behind a bully.  As well as from a Parent’s perspective, are we giving the attention and quality time to our children when they crave it the most?

🎙️ You will feel his passion as he shares not just the importance of hugging our children but embracing them.  

🎙️ How was Dimyas able to get back on track?  God sent him an Angel in a Marine uniform that would take him under his wing to ensure that he graduated high school and became a Marine.  Dimyas shares the values of a Marine and how everyone should embrace these values.  

🎙️ On The Dana Spencer Show we enjoy a good love story.  Dimyas unpacks how he met his Bride and the importance of the daily reminder that this is who he chose to marry.  As well as why having an help mate is critical.

🎙️ Dimyas drops some gems when he talks about the importance of filling your cup first before getting into a relationship. The 3 bodies are absolutely necessary to ensure that your cup is full so that you are in a better position to search for somebody and help somebody.  

🎙️ Dimyas has dipped his pinky toe in real estate and sees the value of using the equity that was built up to pay off debt.  It truly was a game changer.   

🎙️ People don’t change because they’ve never been exposed to different!  You can’t unsee better!  

🎙️ When you identify your distractions, you identify the root cause of your inaction!  

🎙️ Relationships end because of poor emotions.  If you have poor emotion control, nothing is going to work out for you.  

🎙️ Finally, the last gem dropped was to clean up your mental garden.  Be sure to listen to the very end as Dimyas unpacks what he means by this statement.   

🎙️ Share this episode with everyone!  There is something for all regardless of where you are on this journey we call life. 


Elevation Requires Change: The Journey Towards Purpose and Fulfillment 




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