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Transforming the fixed poverty mindset to a growth abundant how can I approach!


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🎙️ Welcome to 'The Dana Spencer Show' - Where Success Stories Meet Real Talk! In this episode, we dive deep into the world of real estate with none other than William Starks, the powerhouse behind G. Starks Realty. Get ready for insights that could redefine your approach to both business and life.

🏠 Ever wondered what separates the thriving real estate businesses from the rest? William drops a truth bomb: "The main thing you’re depending on could be the main thing holding you back!" Discover the art of building lasting relationships that turn into a steady stream of referrals, eliminating the need to constantly seek new business.

🤝 Agents are the unsung heroes of real estate deals. Learn how both buyer and seller agents work tirelessly to ensure deals come to fruition. Hint: They're not attorneys, but their passion, communication, and toughness are key traits that drive them to the closing table, every single time.

💸 "Don’t spend your money until you get the check in hand." William's sage advice is a golden rule for anyone in the industry. Discover the pivotal moment when he landed a colossal 75-unit apartment building, prompting him to tell his wife to quit her job and trust in his vision.

🏢 Commercial versus residential real estate: What's the real difference? Dive into the specific processes and the creative edge that comes with commercial ventures. William lets us in on a secret - it's a lot less stressful than you might think.

📊 Apartment complexes, retail spaces, and industrial properties - these are the thriving avenues in commercial real estate right now. Office spaces? Not so much. William sheds light on the crucial importance of data-driven decisions in this arena.

💼 Always on the hunt for the next deal, William underscores the need to have your financial ducks in a row. When opportunity knocks, you want to be ready to seize it.

🏡 Being a real estate agent is more than just selling properties. It's about investing, property management, appraisals, inspections, and more. Discover the point when you might want to shift focus from chasing money to building lasting assets.

🚗 Buckle up for William's game-changing tips on working with real estate investors. Spoiler: You should be in the driver's seat, not them! Tune in to 'The Dana Spencer Show' for an episode that's brimming with insights, wisdom, and actionable takeaways from one of the brightest stars in real estate, William Starks of G. Starks Realty. Your future self will thank you! 🌟🔑

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