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The Pain is Always Worth the Glory!

#athlete #coach #crosscountry #nationals #pain #track Jan 22, 2024

🎙️ Jasmine didn’t have just one dream growing up.  She wanted to keep her options open but ultimately she wanted to be an athlete!  

🎙️ A supportive Grandfather would be the catalyst to help Jasmine to realize that she had God given talent.  Growing up in a female dominant household academia was the focus, not sports.  

🎙️ Jasmine started running cross country at Butler Traditional High School.  Which then led to her running track.  Recruiters began to reach out too Jasmine in her junior year at Butler.  She would ultimately get a full ride scholarship to Brescia University to run cross country and track.  

🎙️ Jasmine encourages those that may not have the best grades to find the balance that’s needed through getting a tutor, mentor, and family support system to help you get to the level where God wants you to be.  With that, structure is needed to stay on top of your grades as well.  

🎙️ Plan on Sunday to ensure that you have full grasp of what’s happening in the upcoming week.  Be detailed in your schedule to help avoid unnecessary detractions.  Keep a daily log of what you need to accomplish.  Keeping yourself focused on the end goal to minimize distractions even in areas like social media.  

🎙️ What are you feeding yourself?  Is social media a tool of inspiration or a distraction hindering you from achieving your goals?

🎙️ Her Grandfather would tell her that she had natural talent!  But she would still need to put in the work.  At the high school level, Jasmine would run a 4 minute mile.  Jasmine always wanted to run the fastest mile in her age group.  The competitiveness just never goes away!  

🎙️ Jasmine consistently evaluated her performance to implement necessary tasks to get her to the next level.  Strive to have a better ending than your beginning.  How you express your competitiveness shows up differently in all of us.  

🎙️ Jasmine shares how vital it is to trust your coaches so that you can receive that constructive nurturing.  Athletes need to “buy into the system” in order to get the most from the coaches guidance.  Then, you must trust and believe in the system.  

🎙️ It’s going to hurt to win, but you can was the advice that Jasmine’s coach would give her that would propel her to win first place.  You have to want to win and fight for it!  

🎙️ Jasmine joined the Army National Guard which mentally put her back into her athletic mindset.  She discovered that she had to keep building in order to get to where she wanted to go.  

🎙️ Currently Jasmine works with juvenile teens to connect them to the resources that they need.  Mental health is how we show up for ourselves and for others.  Anytime you’re going through a life transition is an opportunity to reach out for help.  Sometimes having a professional unbiased opinion is beneficial.  You don’t have to have something wrong with you to reach out and have a conversation about your mental health.  Jasmine shares some tips on how to stay mentally healthy.  

🎙️ When asked her relationship status Jasmine is single.  However, her preference is to meet someone in the old school way.

🎙️ Discipline is definitely the #1 lesson from sports that shows up in Jasmine’s adult life.    

🎙️ Five years from now, Lord willing, Jasmine’s dream would be to have her own research lab and to work with other dynamic women in the field of research.  

🎙️ Jasmine’s passion for mental health awareness comes from her own struggles with depression and stress.  She encourages everyone to tap into what brings you peace.  

🎙️ As she puts a bow on this conversation Jasmine shares the following: 

🎙️ Do what makes you happy and share that with others.  The pain is always worth the glory in the end. No regrets!  Continue to tap into who you are.  Share your blessings with others.