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Real Estate Is A Contact Sport!

Oct 16, 2023

🎙️ Crystaliz and Sterling Green, the dynamic duo I had the privilege of interviewing on "The Dana Spencer Show," have a story that spans over 15 years, dating back to their college days. Their paths were as diverse as their mindsets; while Crystaliz exuded an entrepreneurial spirit from the get-go, Sterling initially envisioned a more conventional educational trajectory.

🎙️ Fast forward to six years ago, when they took a monumental leap of faith, establishing their own real estate venture. The driving force? A profound belief in the power of self-investment, a conviction that propelled them forward.

🎙️ Sterling Green, with a pragmatic outlook, advocates that one can seamlessly balance a day job with your real estate venture. It was a staggering $18,000 in toll fees that acted as the clarion call for a change, an epiphany that galvanized Sterling into taking a different course.

🎙️ Their sage advice for those at the crossroads of renting or buying is simple: let the numbers do the talking. Empower your audience with facts and ignite the spark for them to take action based on that knowledge. And remember, not knowing the intricacies of the home buying process is perfectly fine; it's all part of the journey.

🎙️ For those who opt to rent, they emphasize the importance of crafting a strategic plan. There's no room for self-condemnation due to a lack of knowledge; every step forward is a triumph.

🎙️ The quest for financial backing is a formidable challenge, and one they tackle head-on. They understand the trepidation surrounding mortgage commitments, offering invaluable insights to combat those fears.

🎙️ In their eyes, cultivating personal connections within your local Real Estate Investors Association (R.E.I.A.) is non-negotiable in this journey. It's these relationships that form the bedrock of success.

🎙️ Their mantra: absorb every lesson, take every nugget of wisdom to heart, and apply it to the next venture. Their mission extends beyond their own success - they are dedicated to enlightening the younger generation, particularly those from black and brown communities, about the transformative potential of real estate investment from an early age.

🎙️ Who would have thought of investing in a 7-bay garage for rent? The possibilities within real estate are as boundless as the imagination.

🎙️ And if they could speak to their younger selves, the advice would be unequivocal: seek out mentors in your chosen field, and let passion, not fear, be your compass. Seize every opportunity with unwavering determination.

🎙️ In their resounding words: Stay encouraged, and just go for it! The journey is yours for the taking.

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