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#athlete #chef #coach #highschoolfootball #jeffersontownhighschool #love #teacher #westernkentuckyuniversity Apr 01, 2024

🎙️ As a little boy Donte Ellison wanted to be a football player.  His mom asked him what else he would want to do and he immediately said a chef.  He always loved cooking and especially cooking with his Mom!  However, shadowing with a chef and learning that chef’s work every weekend helped Donte to quickly realize that being a chef was NOT for him.  

🎙️ Donte had an AMAZING Mom and Big Sister growing up.  His Mom is still his #1 cheerleader to this day.  

🎙️The high school rivalry between The Louisville Male vs DuPont Manual would prove to be fun as well as an avenue to lasting friendships after high school.   

🎙️ After high school, Donte walked on at Western Kentucky University.  

🎙️ Lessons from football that Donte has carried into his adult life are:

  1. Attendance 
  2. Determination
  3. Preparation
  4. Work Ethic
  5. Teamwork 

🎙️ Whether you work hard or don’t your life will be a reflection of that.  

🎙️ His Mom would tell him that his job should be something that he loved to do.  Donte realized that he wanted to have the same positive impact on others’ lives that coaches had on his life.  

🎙️ After graduating from college with a Sports Management degree, Donte would have to do some soul searching to figure out what he wanted to do next.  He would substitute teach and found that he had an ability to connect with kids.  He went back to school and has been teaching since then.  

🎙️ Donte gives these tips for controlling the classroom: 

  1. Be truthful to the kids
  2. Never loose yourself
  3. Meet them where they’re at
  4. Allow your true self to shine

🎙️ Donte is big on love!  He was loved on therefore he extends that same love to his athletes on the field.  Then he believes in having a standard.

🎙️ He met the woman of his dreams in 6th grade!  She didn’t remember him from 6th grade but she definitely left a lasting impression on Donte. 

🎙️ A tip regarding how to support your wife, Donte advises…Love them the way you want to be loved!

🎙️ One of the biggest blessings is the ability for Donte and his coaching staff to be the father figure, uncle, whatever their athletes need them to be that’s the role that they fill.  

🎙️ Be yourself, love yourself, be guided by the Lord and everything else will take care of itself!