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Football Is What I Did, NOT Who I AM! with J. David Wilkins II

#athlete #football #realesstateinvesting discipline Nov 06, 2023

🎙️ During the riveting interview with J. David Wilkins II on “The Dana Spencer Show”, a compelling narrative of his journey unfolded. David's passion for sports ignited at a tender age of 10, marking basketball as his inaugural love affair with the game.  However, football would be the sport that would earn him a scholarship at Eastern Kentucky University! 

🎙️ Harnessing sports as a vessel to channel his anger, David gleaned invaluable lessons in discipline and technique. He fervently emphasized that true success is a journey, devoid of instant gratification.

🎙️ Immersing himself in the exploits of sporting legends, David's trajectory led him to a stint as a Free Agent with the San Francisco 49ers, a journey that spanned Atlanta, Arizona, and even overseas with the Frankfurt Galaxy. However, fate dealt a harsh blow when a catastrophic injury befell him – a hyper-extended knee followed by a tricep tear, would end his football career.  

🎙️ Faced with the daunting question of 'What now?' at the tender age of 26, David sought solace in education, re-establishing a connection with his EKU counselor and resolutely pursuing the completion of his degree. It was then that the epiphany struck - a degree is not merely a certificate, but a key that unlocks myriad opportunities, signifying one's tenacity and commitment.

🎙️ A clarion call resounded in his impassioned plea to shift from being mere consumers to becoming owners, with real estate standing as an unwavering beacon of passive income. David fervently believed that the ascent to greater heights for black communities commences with a shift in mindset.

🎙️ His ultimate ambition? To amass a wealth of knowledge and resources, and in turn, disseminate these invaluable lessons to uplift others. David sagely reminded us that sometimes, in our quest for growth, we must pause, allowing the wisdom to seep in before taking on new challenges.

🎙️ While football may have been his past, it does not define his essence. His unwavering message resonates - in the face of adversity, will you choose to remain prostrate or rise again?

🎙️ With an earnest plea for collective synergy, David emphasized that success is not a solitary endeavor. We are all bestowed with the same 24 hours – the critical question being, how are we utilizing them? Who are our mentors, and what knowledge are we absorbing?

🎙️ A fervent call-to-action resonated as David implored us to veer away from undue reverence for celebrities, reminding us that they may not necessarily be the custodians of wisdom. 

🎙️ In conclusion, David left us with an indelible imperative - seek out environments where the seeds of prosperity are sown, and watch as they flourish into boundless wealth.

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