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Don't Buy Into The Black Man Lie!

#ancestors #athlete #blackman #godfirst #hvac #plumber #realesstateinvesting #relationships Dec 25, 2023

🎙️ As a little boy, David wanted to be a professional athlete or be a motorcycle riding police officer when he grew up.  David would find himself outside everyday playing any sport that was associated with a ball until the street lights came on.  

🎙️ When asked about the life lessons from sports, the influence that the coaches and mentors would have on David’s life would be the most impactful part of the journey that would stay edged in his mind. Intestinal fortitude was the phrase that came to mind that encouraged him to never give up.  The same drive from sports would carry him through the tough times in his plumbing business.  

🎙️ Lack of mental focus and distractions would hinder David from really going all in on his dream of being a professional athlete.  It wasn’t until David began to put God first that things started to fall in place.  Our profession is our ministry!  When you’re working for a greater cause than yourself then He will give you the endurance that’s needed when times get hard.  

🎙️ God’s economy is so much bigger than ours regardless of the adversity that you face.  The only way to grow is through adversity.

🎙️ You don’t have to have a degree to become a millionaire if you are diligent and work hard.  There is a contentment in pursuing something that fulfills you instead of doing something that you’re told you have to do.  

🎙️ Trades are learned!  Show up and be dependable are the main skill sets needed.

🎙️ As a General Contractor, HVAC and Plumber David does the majority of his work himself when he invests in real estate.  Flipping property is his sweet spot.  

🎙️ The key to making money with flipping is making your money when you buy with good negotiation skills, patience, contacts, knowing the numbers and the knowledge of the true costs.  

🎙️ David shares his wisdom on how to handle rejection.  Remain steadfast, remember you’re not doing this work for yourself.  Work until you get what will sustain you and your family.  

🎙️ After what his forefathers and ancestors have gone through to get him to this point, dealing with rejection is nothing compared to what they went through.   

🎙️ David puts a bow on our conversation by sharing that as a former drug dealer he isn’t supposed to be where he is today.  But by the grace of God, he is who and where he is today only by His grace.  There’s no place that God can’t bring you out of and get you through.  If you ever need help, there’s always someone that you can reach out to.  

🎙️ Don’t buy into the lie that as a black man you have to use drugs, sell drugs or abuse women.  To be a real man, you don’t have to do these things.  There is a different way.  A better way! That you don’t have to deal with the scars of buying into the lie.  There’s a different way to do it without having the scars.

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