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A Servant Leader!

#coach #defense #highschoolfootball #leader #leadership #mindset #offensive #servant Mar 04, 2024

🎙️ Growing up Coach Bryson Johnson wanted to be Superman or a Professional Athlete! However, once he realized that he was vertically challenged and slow, he had to figure out how he could use other means by which to be a hero.    

🎙️ Coach Johnson would actually walk to sign himself up for little league football without his mother’s consent.  He would go on to play football for one year at Seneca, three years at Iroquois and one season at Hanover College.  His dreams would change as a result of having kids at a young age.

🎙️ Coach Johnson believes in servant leadership in everything!  God ordered his steps from the military to coaching.  

🎙️ His first coaching position with Jefferson County Public Schools would be at Johnson Middle School.  He was also coaching at Butler High School as well.  Currently he is serving at Atherton High School.  

🎙️ His first tip for those that want to get into coaching is: 

  1. Don’t think you’re not qualified
  2. Love the Game
  3. Be knowledgable of the Game
  4. Love the Kids
  5. Servant Leadership
  6. Communication

🎙️ Coaching is just teaching!  Taking the motion, action, play, drill that’s in his head and transferring it to someone else to execute!  Just because you have competed at the highest level of the game doesn’t necessarily make you a good coach.  You must be coachable in order to coach.  For this generation, you must be tech savvy!  They are visual learners! 

🎙️ The ability to communicate with athletes come with time. You must learn people.  You must be attentive to the personality of the athletes.  

🎙️ Knowing both sides of the ball helps both from a player and coaching aspect.  

🎙️ It’s so important to understand your opponent and not ignore their weaknesses.  

🎙️ If you have a competitive advantage in certain areas then you have to continue to exploit that.  

🎙️ Football prepares you for life!  You’re going to get hit in the mouth.  What are you going to do when that happens?  How will you respond?  The greats have to go through adversity to get there.  Stay calm, trust your training in the face of adversity.  


🎙️ Events + Response = Outcome!  Overcoming adversity is the #1 thing that sports has helped Coach Bryson to learn.


🎙️ Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight!


🎙️ Everybody needs social media!  We need to brand ourselves.  We don’t do a good enough job with this.  


🎙️ Atherton High School has developed a reputation so that the college coaches now come to them to help their players get exposure.  Camps are another great way to help with exposure.  


🎙️ Coach Bryson approaches the season in 2 phases:


🎙️ Phase 0 - The Off Season… It’s all about the player.  This is time for them to market themselves on social media and work to develop themselves.  


🎙️ Phase 1 - Pre- Season… Us Us Us Us Us… Team Team Team Team Team


🎙️ Life is all about balance.  Keep the right thing the right thing!  Don’t worry about the things that are outside of your control.  Whatever you can’t control, God will take care of the rest!