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#athlete #athleticdirector #championship #coach #culture #football Feb 26, 2024

🎙️ As a little boy, Coach Dantzler wanted to go into broadcasting or acting.  He would not pursue either of those careers because coaching was his calling. 

🎙️ Growing up he did it all.  Staying busy was the goal.  His passion being basketball, his best sport was track and he played football.  He encourages the young men that he’s coaching today to stay busy as well.  

🎙️ Coach Dantzler is from Monroe, LA playing at Wossman High School then Southeastern Louisiana University.  He was doing some professional work, got injured which ultimately ended up as a blessing which led to the beginning of his coaching career.  

🎙️ Taking care of the education part was Coach Dantzler’s focus.  He turned his degree into a teaching license and the rest is history.

🎙️ You are a big percentage of what you hang out with.  Meet people where they are and you might find out that you have more in common than you think.  

🎙️ It’s harder for kids now to do multiple sports.  With the transfer portal it’s more about business and branding.  You must work hard to build your brand.  

🎙️ Branding Tips: 

  1. Have a knowledge of the sport - be a student of the game
  2. Look at how the game is evolving
  3. It’s a Process - it takes time

🎙️ If he wanted to recruit he would coach college.  Coach Dantzler prefers to develop players.  Seeing that 9th grader become a Yellow Jacket and then sign with a college in the 12th grade is what keeps him going.  At the high school level, you take what you have and make it work.  

🎙️ The key to Coach Dantzler’s championship culture is his ability to build relationships.  You have to meet people where they are and coach them hard.  You can’t coach hard without a relationship.  He spends A LOT of time with his athletes!  The players want to succeed too and they also don’t want to let you down.  

🎙️ When asked about his communication style with his players, he knows which players he can yell at and which players don’t respond to yelling.  You coach them hard but you don’t coach them all the same.  

🎙️ Once your child is on the team, parents are required to relinquish their child to Coach Dantzler and trust him from there.  Parents have to let Coach Dantzler do his job.  

🎙️ Coach Dantzler won the hearts of the Yellow Jacket followers by actually accomplishing what he promised.  

🎙️ Coach Dantzler encourages to always have a championship effort regardless of the situation.  Prepare to win every year!  A championship culture allows you to be consistent every year.  

🎙️ He makes sure that his players:

  1. Understand the importance of their GPA
  2. Attendance is a Priority
  3. Availability over Athleticism 
  4. Character
  5. Maturity

🎙️ All these things lead to being recruitable.  

🎙️ Kids want two things… structure and they want the truth.

🎙️ What drove him the most as an athlete was not wanting to let the team down.  He didn’t want to be the weak link.  Life is not fair.  It’s a production driven world.  

🎙️ Leave the referees out of the game.  You have to live with the calls.  Some go your way and some don’t.  Control the controllable which is how we play.  Great programs take ownership for their actions and don’t point fingers.  

🎙️ If you want to be a head coach, are you willing to give up some of your public life?  Everybody is watching.  To much is given much is required!  

🎙️ What does Coach Dantzler want you to walk away with: 

  1. Build the right relationships 
  2. Value the right relationships 
  3. To be great comes with a level of Sacrifice
  4. Stick To Your Plan