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"Are Your Liabilities Keeping You On the Bench?"

#athlete #basketball #coaches #communication #makemoneymakemoney #multiply #professional #universityoftexas Apr 29, 2024

🎙️ Growing up Coach Earnie wanted to be like her Mom.  She knew she wanted to play college basketball.  All her childhood her Mom was actually her basketball coach.  

🎙️ To play for an AAU team would be the motivation for Coach Earnie and her Mom to move to Oklahoma for more exposure.  

🎙️ Progress, teamwork, confidence and having fun should be the focus and not winning from a parent’s perspective when athletes are young.  This gives your child space to help develop a passion for a particular sport or multiple sports.  

🎙️ Coaches should step back and understand why players are not listening to them.  When are they responding to your communication style?  How you coach players might not be their preferred method of how they want to be coached.   

🎙️ Coach Earnie shares some tips for athletes that need to have a conversation with their coach about their communication delivery.  

🎙️ An athlete needs to believe that their coach believes in them even when they don’t believe in themselves. 

🎙️ How do you help get your athletes out of a slump?  You keep filling them belief until they believe in themselves.  

🎙️ Even though her Dad wasn’t in the picture, her Mom was enough support and was always there for her.  There might be some trauma there from not having her Dad in her life but it didn’t stop her and she didn’t use the absence of her Dad as an excuse to not perform at the highest level!

🎙️ Her senior year of college was a struggle.  The WNBA stress cloud was real.  Not to mention the comment that she was injury prone.  

🎙️ Coach gives some amazing tips on how to do your research when considering playing over seas and the realization of being forced into retirement before she was mentally prepared to handle the transition.  

🎙️ Suggestions of what to do in your spare time: 

  1. Learn a skill
  2. Learn another language
  3. Figure out how to make money online 
  4. Become financially literate

🎙️ Save some money.  Don’t spend it all and figure out how to multiply money.  Start investing! Learn something so well that you can begin to teach it!  

🎙️ Currently Coach is assisting businesses with developing and maintaining their digital presence.  

🎙️ Putting a bow on the conversation:

🎙️ Parents -  Be your child’s #1 fan and help them to build confidence!

🎙️ Sports Coach - Get with Dana and do a flight assessment - see if you can improve on your communication.  

🎙️Players - Keep working because there’s always someone better than you! Stay hungry and consistent!  Understand your top 3 superpowers.

🎙️ Pro-Bound Athletes - Find/develop a high paying skill.  Make the most amount of money that you can.  Save the most amount of money that you can.  Learn about taxes.  Figure out how to invest money and multiply your money.  Stack, stack and repeat! 

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