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#accountants #athlete #basketball #finalfour #louisville #servant #system Apr 22, 2024

🎙️ Larry knew even as a little boy that he always wanted to be a NBA player! He also wanted to be a tennis shoe designer! 

🎙️ His high school journey began with the Louisville Male Bulldogs where he made incredible memories and developed lifelong friendships!   

🎙️ Larry was a UConn guy with his favorite player being Ray Allen.  He wasn’t heavily recruited by Denny Crum but Rick Pitino would recognize that he could use Larry’s skills to help build a winning combination for Card Nation! 

🎙️ Larry believes that it is important for the athlete to understand the style of a coach and determine if that is the right fit for you.  

🎙️ Playing for Rick Pitino was a rough adjustment for Larry.  From Pitino’s competitive standpoint, his work ethic, and his demands were just different.  He was very demanding.  If you didn’t eat, sleep, and breathe basketball like Pitino did it was going to be a tough mix.  You had to be on Pitino’s page!  Break up with your girlfriend because you won’t have time for a relationship!    

🎙️ The Final Four experience of playing in front of 80,000 fans was AMAZING!!!!   

🎙️ In order to get back to the Final Four at the University of Louisville, Larry advises that they have to continue to build.  Abandoning your team at the time of need doesn’t help.  

🎙️ Be sure to listen in as Larry shares the pros and cons of the transfer portal.  

🎙️ Social media is having a tremendous impact on the game.  The all star moves get more views than solid defense.  The NIL has created statistic chasers.  The new day is causing old school coaches to step back as they don’t have the leverage that they once had on the court.  

🎙️ Larry identifies one of the benefits of NIL is to help support athletes that have children.  As well as athletes not coming from strong backgrounds.  Not to mention that a lot of these athletes are not going to play at the professional level.     

🎙️ After leaving U of L, Larry got his degree in accounting and would go on to play professional basketball overseas for 15 years.  He played in Europe for 10 years, Israel, Argentina and South America!  He retired In 2020 and coached high school for a few years, got married, has two wonderful kids and has moved back to the city of Louisville.  

🎙️ Larry started from jump with investing in the stock market and real estate in 2013. 

🎙️ Know what you are doing when it comes too investing.  Don’t just listen to other people.  Do your own research.  

🎙️ Work ethic and self-discipline would be the 2 major life lessons from basketball.  

🎙️ Be grateful.  Treat people how you want to be treated.  Develop relationships with people.  Do the right thing.  Be prayed up with the decisions that you make.  Be a blessing to others.  Be a servant to other people.  What good is knowledge if you aren’t sharing it with someone else to help them up their road to success?