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"Excuses Are The Crutches of the Uncommitted!"

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🎙️ To be honest, Roy wanted to be a professional basketball player as he grew up during the Michael Jordan era.  However, the struggle was real as his Mother would be the primary source of income for Roy and his sister.  As a little boy Roy felt the burden of their financial situation.  He knew that making it to the NBA could potentially change some things so that’s what he set his eyes on.

🎙️ Roy realized early on that there were certain things that he could do to take the pressure off his Mom.  Being a straight “A” student, staying out of trouble, keeping his room clean, doing his chores and getting along with his sister would take pressure off his Mom.  As well as not giving her a hard time for what she wasn’t able to provide for them.

🎙️ Roy was a 3 sport athlete!  All everything in basketball, all everything in football and he was pretty fast on the track.  Even with over 60 - 70 scholarship offers staying close to home and attending “The Ohio State University” was an easy decision. Having a 3.9 GPA would open every door for Roy.  

🎙️ At “The Ohio State University” he would win a National Championship as a freshman and play for another title as a Senior.  He would go on to get drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the 2007 NFL Draft!  Even though he didn’t make it to the NBA he played 4 years with the NFL!  

🎙️ In order to get what you want, you have to work and partner with people that don’t look like you.  The world is not Black and White when it comes to success.  You have to learn how to trust people’s heart and not their skin color.  95% of the hurt, harm, damage, disloyalty, lies, and hardships that have come Roy’s way have come from people that look like him.  In order to get ahead, you have to work with some people that don’t look like you.  

🎙️ Relationships are the key to life!  But they take a lot of hard work!  Networking should be what you have to offer other people versus what can I get from people.  When you show that you have a heart for other people’s success it makes you more valuable.    

🎙️ You can contribute outside of being a superstar!  Everyone must do their part.  Figure out what the one thing is that you’re really good at.  Your role will carve itself out.  Get excellent at that one thing! 

🎙️ There are 160 NFL wide receivers out of 8 Billion people.  It was amazing to get the call from Tony Dungy to advise them to go into the living room.  The commissioner would announce the 169th pick of the 5th round of the 2007 NFL draft the Indianapolis Colts select… Roy Hall!!!!

🎙️  Roy identifies some life tricks for when you make a mistake: 

  1. Preparation minimized mistakes
  2. Identify why you messed up 
  3. Figure out how to practice through the distraction
  4. Be Consistent
  5. Make Corrections
  6. Don’t Make Excuses
  7. Be Committed

🎙️ When you take responsibility you get your power back!  

🎙️ Money will never be enough!  Put a purpose behind what you own!  What are you doing with the extra?

🎙️ If you live there you should be giving there!  If I live there I should give there, invest there, I should help there, I should grow there, build there, I should be there! Use your platform for a purpose.  That purpose has to be helping people.  Get out of your comfort zone and give the best of YOU!  How are you helping others to achieve their dreams?

🎙️ When asked what’s next for Roy… Right now he is focused on sharing, speaking, motivating and inspiring people with his words and stories.  Projecting gratitude and perseverance into the corporate sector.  Helping them with their perspective and giving them the juice to do their job at a high level and understanding their value.  Ultimately it all boils down to sharing the Gospel.  Letting people know that they are here for a reason.  

🎙️ Focus on making a difference and instead of making a living you’ll make a heck of a difference in this Universe.  

🎙️ His heart is tied up in his 16 year old son, 14 year old daughter and being the Dad that he always wanted! Being a great Father is about priorities.  Kids don’t care about your money.  

🎙️ God is standing between Roy and every relationship.  If someone is applying pressure, he can only feel the pressure if he steps out in front of God!  As long as God is in front of him, he doesn’t feel a thing.  

🎙️ Every day is a gift.  Ask yourself, what is the value of today if tomorrow never comes.  It’s priceless!  It’s invaluable!  Every moment that you wake up thank God!  Walk around in gratitude! Know that you are going to win if you keep moving forward.  You should be tired at the end of every day!  Whatever you are waiting on, it’s now coming.  You’re going to have to go get it! When you know that every day is a gift, it gives you a sense of urgency!  

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