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Giving Back to Kids That Look Like Me!

#athlete #athleticdirector #coaching #football #givingback #kentuckystateuniversity #perserverance Mar 11, 2024

🎙️ Growing up, LaKunta Farmer wanted to be a Narcotics Agent!  He wanted to stop the drugs.  But then he realized that he would be arresting his friends.  

🎙️ LaKunta would become a linebacker for The Louisville Male High School.  He realized for big games that there had to be a level of emotional intelligence to be excited about the experience but manage your energy level.  

🎙️ LaKunta now uses prayer to better manage intense situations.  He created the safest place possible for all of his players.

🎙️ We must teach our kids that no matter what, we keep going regardless of the circumstance.  

🎙️ Tips for athletes that are use to winning but now they are part of a rebuilding organization: 

  1. Be patient 
  2. Persevere
  3. Someone must be the Center

🎙️ In order to exercise the mental toughness muscle players must be put in adverse situations.  If you don’t put your players in pressure cooker situations then they’ll never learn it.  Mental toughness is handled before you even get to the field.  

🎙️ This generation wants to know the WHY?  

🎙️ Shout outs to Kentucky State University for its commitment to excellence regardless of whether they are recognized or not.  The people that let the problems run them away are louder than the people that made it and are successful.  

🎙️ The Lord has ordered LaKunta’s steps to W.E.B. DuBois!  They are very strategic in figuring out every aspect of these young mens’ lives to set them up for success.

🎙️ You have to have something to strive for.  Everybody can’t be LeBron!

Nobody can stop you but you!  

🎙️Prepare the next generation!  If you don’t reach back and teach someone the fundamentals of life then failure will continue to happen.  Continue to move! 

🎙️ Find something to chase!

🎙️ Find something to be passionate about!

🎙️ Find something to inspire you!

🎙️ Give it back to the people behind you or pour into the people beside you!

🎙️ Find a way to be great!