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Transforming the fixed poverty mindset to a growth abundant how can I approach!


#athlete #belonging #coach #corporate #diversity #equity #inclusion #leader #servant Feb 05, 2024

🎙️ John Brown wanted to be all the things that he heard growing up!  The reality was, he just wanted to be something different.  As long as the occupation would provide something different from what he saw growing up as a young boy he would be fine.  What John saw would motivate him to work hard to actually achieve something different.  

🎙️ John would play football at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy and play football at Kansas State University.  He enjoyed both football and academics.  After a few knee injuries John would execute the “Plan B” that athletes are encouraged to have today.  

🎙️ John quickly realized that the same words from football would be applicable in the corporate workplace.  Words like teamwork, support, collaboration and holding one another accountable!    

🎙️ Lack of confidence comes from a lack of practice.  When you know your job and do your job that brings confidence.  Don’t let people take from you what they did not give you!  

🎙️ We must establish cultures where we hold one another accountable.  

🎙️ If you suffer with imposture syndrome, John shares strategies on how to build yourself up.  We must surround ourselves with people that are interested In our success but this isn’t always an easy task.  Quality over quantity!  

🎙️ John shares an AMAZING illustration with pigeons and the eagle!  You must be comfortable in your own skin to fly alone!  Have an eagle mindset! 

🎙️ Listen to the voice inside of you that is challenging you to no longer surround yourself with the pigeons.  Once you acknowledge the voice then take action.  Make yourself available for training and continuous learning.  

🎙️ One thing that corporate America underestimates is when associates grow up poor,.  They  have a certain level of resourcefulness, resilience and grit!

🎙️ John attributes most of his success on how he grew up.  Growing up poor would help him to focus on the things money can’t buy.  You value things like honesty, your word, commitment, faithfulness, and showing up.  These are things you can do even when you’re poor.  

🎙️ Learn to focus on being the best at your current job.

🎙️ Know yourself so that you know what you are really good at.

🎙️ You must be comfortable in your skin!  

🎙️ You are better at some things than you give yourself credit for.  

🎙️ In terms of resolving conflict, John shares that it’s not about being right or winning.  It’s about getting to the place you need to be collectively.  You must own that you really do want resolution.  

🎙️ Leadership is not about being somebody’s “BOSS”!  The leader is the servant.  If you want to be a “BOSS” go have kids! 

🎙️ When asked his thoughts on the Diversity Equity & Inclusion Movement, John advises that’s its necessary to elevate the need or else some populations would pay no attention to it at all.  It has to be who you are as a person and not just something that you do.  

🎙️ Listen to the end to hear what John would say as to how he’s been able to have an impact on the lives of everyone that he has come in contact with.  

🎙️ Even with his busy schedule John believes that the best return on his investment is to invest his time with people.  

🎙️ To put a bow on this conversation, John wants you to know that you have value and purpose!  Listen to the voice inside of you.  There are a lot of people with something to say that don’t mean you any good.  Be good being you because you are enough!    

🎙️ Lets lock arms and make a positive difference!