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Bluegrass Showcase 2023 Debrief with Building Lives Through Sports Network

#athlete #athleticdirector #athletics #coach #dream #football #skillscamp #sports #vision Jan 29, 2024

🎙️ Throwback interview from April 2023 the Tuesday after the Bluegrass Showcase Event at Kentucky State University.  

🎙️ Each participant completes a card that contains their height and weight.  Then, the remaining information is data that college coaches want to know from potential recruits.  

🎙️ One of the main drills that they test is the 5 10 5 shuttle drill.  

🎙️In 2023, they added the medicine ball toss as this is a drill that the coaches specifically want to know how strong these guys are.  You can’t cheat the medicine ball throw.  

🎙️ Since Building Lives Through Sports Network is a 3rd party they are able to create a data base of unbiased information that the college coaches can trust.  

🎙️ BLTSN collects the contact information for the participants so that the coaches can sort through the database and reach out directly to whomever they are interested in.  

🎙️ This eliminates the coaches from having to hunt for potential recruits.  

🎙️ Not everyone goes on vacation for spring break.  Therefore the date of the camp is very strategic.  The Saturday before spring break week.  A lot of violence happens during spring break.  This is just another way to help keep the young men preoccupied.  There are many benefits of coming to the camp outside of football.  

🎙️ Please pardon and technical difficulties throughout this video.

🎙️ Positive youth development through sports is actually the goal of BLTSN.

🎙️ Dr Anthony used the same principles that communities use to build neighborhoods to build youth.  

🎙️ Sports is the vehicle to allow the youth to come into the presence of BLTSN.

🎙️ The cheat code / secret sauce to getting young people to a college campus to work on their craft the week before spring break according to Ryan is the coaches.  

🎙️ There are 2 four year HBCU’s in the state of KY in Simmons College of KY and Kentucky State University that a lot of people aren’t aware of.  You don’t have to go into debt to graduate college.  

🎙️ Ryan would love for more coaches to be involved.  A lot of coaches show up but don’t put on a whistle and help.  

🎙️ Once the coaches see the value of the showcase then a lot of things will change in the community.  Coaches are the cool people and don’t fully realize their influence on young people.  

🎙️ KEES (Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship) money is the money that you get for good grades to go to a school that meets the ‘in state’ guidelines.

🎙️ The educators must do a better job advising the young people of the options that are available to them.  

🎙️ When asked what BLTSN would like to see if they could wave a magic wand over the city their response was:

🎙️ For BLTSN to have a client structure in the state of KY - the client has a vision and then BLTSN does the research to help the client to accomplish the vision.  The vision and dream burdens them to effect that change and they just need some help making it a reality.  

🎙️ If you live in the Louisville area and you’re the one that Dr. Anthony spoke of with a vision and a dream definitely reach out.  

🎙️ Names mentioned in the episode:

🎙️ Ted Gina - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Ginn_Jr.

🎙️ Curtis Blackwell 

🎙️ Jarvis Gipson - https://www.jarvisgibsonfoundation.org

🎙️ https://www.kheaa.com/pdf/pubs/KEES_Brochure.pdf