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10 Transferrable Skillsets - From Athlete to Real Estate Investor

#athlete #athletics #coach #develop #makemoneymakemoney #passiveincome #realesstateinvesting #skills #transfer Dec 04, 2023

🎙️ What are the skillsets that athletes already have that will transfer beautifully investing in real estate?  That’s the topic of discussion on today’s episode of The Dana Spencer Show! 

🎙️ Problem Solving - Athletes get in tough situations on and off the court.  Therefore their ability to solve problems quickly is critical.  Investing in real estate is all about solving problems and surrounding yourself with the people that can you help solve those problems.

🎙️ The Importance of a Team - real estate is a team sport.  You can’t do it alone.  Athletes understand the importance of teamwork.

🎙️ Don’t Quit - Even when you are down 20 with one minute to go you just don’t quit.  As an investor, you’re not done until you get to the finish line of the cash flow.

🎙️ Dedication - Athletes are dedicated to getting better, their school, their team, the coaches, their families and making it to the Big Leagues! If you’re not dedicated to get to the cash flow you will want to give up.  Bu that’s not an option.

🎙️ Competitive - The real estate market is extremely competitive.  Athletes are use to being in competitive situations and thrive in those environments! 

🎙️ Relationships - If you are beefing with someone it is going to show up on the court.  You have to learn how to resolve conflict so that it doesn’t negatively impact the entire team.  

🎙️ Committed - Athletes are committed to their college and getting to the finish line.  With real estate you have to be committed to finding deals and following the process to get to the goal of cash flow! 

🎙️ Growth Mindset - Athletes have a belief system like none other.  They believe they can accomplish the impossible!  And guess what?  They can! 

🎙️ Avoid the Haters - People that want to rain on your dreams and aspirations are everywhere.  Avoid them.  Don’t talk to them about your ambitions.  They want to put their fears on you.  They are not risk takers and don’t want you to be either.  Be respectful but don’t allow their fear to penetrate in your mind.  

🎙️ Habits - Athletes have to get up at a certain time, eat a certain diet, work out consistently its incredible.  As a real estate investor you have to consistently look for deals, crunch your numbers, make offers it’s just the same process over and over.  

🎙️ Bonus - Routine - Doing the same thing over and over again to get the same great results.  Some people say that real estate is boring because the process in the same.  It’s the routing habits that produce the greatest results 

🎙️ If you’re an athlete and want to get started investing in real estate I’d love to connect with you! 

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