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"10 Lessons From The Brotherhood!"

#alumni #brotherhood #championshipculture #football #lessons #moneymakers #notetakers #relationships #standard #theohiostateuniversity May 20, 2024

I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd annual conference with Roy Hall Jr.!  This year’s theme being “Your Time Is Now”!

There was a panel of 10 or so former players from The Ohio State University.  Here are the 10 Lessons that I was able to glean from the brotherhood! 

  1. We Over Me
  2. Different Isn’t Wrong
  3. Set the Standard
  4. Success Isn’t Perfect
  5. Know Your Personnel 
  6. The Game of Inches
  7. Notetakers Are Moneymakers
  8. Everything Is Your Fault - Take Ownership
  9. Grow From Adversity
  10. Talent Is Never Enough 

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