$497.00 USD


2nd Quarter 5 Week Bootcamp Experience 2023

Learn how to purchase real estate in 5 weeks!  

Week 1 April 25th @ 8pm EST

  • Flight Assessment (Renovate or Turn Key), 
  • Property Goals and Property Criteria
  • Gather Documentation for the Bank

Homework - Apply to a Broker / Explain the Reason for going to a Broker

Week 2 May 2nd @ 8pm EST

  • Discuss results from Homework
  • 7 Steps to Calculating a Deal
  • Analyze a Deal based on realtor.com available properties 

Homework - Practice analyzing deals

Week 3 May 9th @ 8pm EST

  • As a result of the last week’s homework are you ready to put an offer on any of those properties?
  • Visit property that class wants to look at as a result of the homework practice of analyzing deals (This might need to be on a Saturday due to it getting dark at 6pm.)
  • Continue analyzing deals
  • Learn how to build strategic partnerships

Week 4 May 16th@ 8pm EST

  • Discussion of last weeks homework.  Are there any properties that you want to see?  
  • Putting an offer on the property

Week 5 May 23rd @ 8pm EST

TBD based on needs of the class

  • Hiring a Property Management Company vs Managing the property yourself

** Agenda subject to adjustments based on the needs of the community

What you'll get:

  • Step By Step Blueprint to purchase real estate
  • Learn how to build strategic relationships to get you to the finish line
  • Stay connected with like minded community 
  • Certificate of Completion

The harder you work, the sooner you will reach your goals!